Drain Odor


Is there a moldy smell in your commercial restroom area that persists even though it's been cleaned? It can drive you crazy because everything is spotlessly clean! The smell becomes even worse in the morning when the restroom hasn't been used overnight. 


You might be dealing with floor drain odor.


What causes drain odor?


When the water in the floor drain evaporates and sewer gases are coming into the restroom uninhibited, it can create a seriously BAD smell. 


How to fix drain odor


The fix is so easy you won't believe it! Just pour water into the drain and the smell will disappear! This is something your cleaning personnel should keep an eye on and check regularly for you.


How to prevent drain odor in the future


Keep your drain moist by regularly pouring water into it.  


If you are experiencing a foul odor in your restroom area, perhaps you are experiencing this problem. Try pouring a gallon of water in and see if it helps.


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